Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ottawa Street Festival

Ottawa Street Festival
Saturday September 29  at 10:00 with Jennifer Bain

Come see the Clockwork Hammer at the Ottawa Street Festival, meet some of the group, talk, get information on the events we are running, see some of the outfits, hats and headgear we wear. we will be in front of the hat shop "Hats Wear It's At" near Cannon Street. hope to see you all there.

Hats Wear Its At
185 Ottawa Street N. Hamilton Ontario

Pillage the Village -- October

We will be "Pillaging the Village"  otherwise known as hardcore shopping. Exploring all the wonderful details that special stores have to offer.

Pillage the Village is our fun way of getting together to shop at our local thrift stores. Get tips on how to modify or restore the junk you would have bought anyway, help each other find good steampunk wear, share stories of How You Found That Perfect Thing, and more importantly, create more of such stories!!

This time we will be heading to :

Please note the date has been changed for the Pillage the Village event.  

Now October 27 from 1:00 to 3:00  

all other details remain the same

Out of the Past.  

October 13th from 1:00 to 3:00   
185 King Street East, Hamilton, On

For more details you can visit their facebook page OUT OF THE PAST

Meet and Greet for October 2012

Saturday, October 20 at 2:00 pm at the Baltimore House.

Clockwork Hammer Steampunk Society, Arts and Entertainment page

Michael Bain:

I would like to let everyone know that I have opened a page for people to post there artwork, creations, things you would like to sell, and info of where you will be appearing or at. please feel free to post on it.

here is the link

this page is for those of the clockwork hammer or anyothers that may like to post photos of there products, artwork, sales products, etc.....
Page: 16 like this
Michael Bain:

i would like to let everyone know, that this is the new logo for the clockwork hammer steampunk society, it will appear on all of our letterhead, flyers, business cards, etc....

this logo was created by a young gentleman from our group, his name is Julian Miller, he is 15 years old and from dunnville, ontario. he has only been doing graphic design for 2 years, but as you can see. he is great. i hope that you say hi to julian when you see him at an event, and tell him how much you like his work

Hamilton Steam Museum


Steam on Queen in Toronto

Some of our members at Steam on Queen in Toronto.

Welcome to Clockwork Hammer, Hamilton Ontario Steampunk

We are a small but growing group of Steampunk  enthusiasts from Hamilton, Ontario.

From our  Clockwork Hammer Facebook page  :

Some of us are forming a new group called the Clockwork Hammer. We aim to have a monthly Meet'n'Greet at various locations throughout Hamilton, so as many people as possible can meet new friends, and some other event besides, such as movie nights for upcoming films relevant to our interests, photo-ops at the wonderful heritage sites around our fair city, and events where we can Pillage the Village and hone our DIY skills such as drawing, sewing, and other such crafts.